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couples therapy

Every couple has their challenges, but their approach to those issues may be the greatest indicator of their success or unhappiness. Familiar patterns that once brought contentment and security can give way to boredom, resentment, or loneliness. Working together, my goal is to provide you with the tools to rebuild lines of communication and deepen closeness and connection. Couples therapy can provide a safe space to rebuild trust, resolve conflict and enrich intimacy. Whether you’re in the aftermath of a traumatic event and/or an affair or simply feeling disconnected, there is a way back to each other for those who want it.

pre-commitment / premarital

There are very few life events that are as significant as exchanging vows with your partner. It’s a promise that you want to keep forever, without knowing for sure what life looks like down the road. Laying the foundation for effective communication habits can make all the difference when it comes to joining your lives and building a partnership that stands the test of time. This curated 10-session package addresses topics that may have been missed or avoided while you were dating. Each week covers a different topic for exploration, such as: expectations around trust & commitment, sex, money, careers, addressing conflict, family planning, spirituality, in-laws, and more.

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individual therapy

The decision to enter into therapy is often very private, personal, and chosen during the darker moments. You might be in the acute stages of a crisis, wrestling with a particular challenge, or in a place where you’re just feeling curious about yourself. Whatever you’re wrestling with, pursuing the journey in a safe and supportive environment will yield the most powerful results. Individual therapy is about understanding the underpinnings of your deepest thoughts and feelings and then adjusting those behaviors and beliefs that are no longer serving you. Adapting these insights can help you find new and more effective ways of dealing with old patterns.

weekend intensive

For some couples, a condensed approach over 2-3 days is a more beneficial option. This model includes the same techniques used in weekly therapy, but it gives us the opportunity to work more deeply on wounds and behaviors that may be keeping you and your partner from connecting in a profoundly loving and secure way. In general, sessions are 5-6 hours with ample breaks to reflect and process. This option can be very helpful for couples with complicated schedules, those who are in the midst of a crisis and are considering divorce, or those who just know their relationship deserves more dedicated time and focus.

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