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  • premarital counseling
    I offer a time limited (10 week) bundle of sessions. These sessions offer a supportive and structured environment to openly discuss important topics before tying the knot.
  • early intervention
    By addressing emerging issues before they escalate, and learning to communicate effectively, couples can prevent future conflicts and resentments. Being proactive and learning healthy relationship dynamics now helps build a strong foundation for long-term satisfaction and resilience.
  • life transitions
    The ability to adapt to new roles and responsibilities requires practical strategies for communication and stress management. I help clients to navigate periods of change in a way that fosters resilience and connection.
  • sexual dysfunction and/or dissatisfaction
    By creating a non-judgmental space, we can overcome challenges related to sexual well-being . Fostering open communication about desires and boundaries, we address underlying issues, encourage sexual communication, and provide strategies to enhance intimacy.
  • affairs / infidelity
    Through guided conversations and therapeutic interventions, I help couples rebuild trust, enhance communication, and develop strategies to navigate the emotional challenges associated with infidelity, fostering healing and the potential for renewed intimacy.
  • discernment counseling
    I help couples make informed decisions about the path forward, whether it involves reconciliation or separation, through structured conversations and exploration of individual goals and concerns.
  • conscious uncoupling
    This is a thoughtful and compassionate approach to ending a romantic relationship that emphasizes mutual respect and emotional wellbeing. I help couples navigate, communicate and embrace their new identity as friends and/or co-parents in this next phase of life.
  • successful co-parenting
    I facilitate constructive communication, helping clients establish shared parenting goals, and resolving conflicts as they arise. I offer guidance on effective co-parenting strategies, conflict resolution skills, and understanding the child's needs. The goal here is to create a positive and collaborative co-parenting dynamic for the well-being of your children.
  • ketamine-assisted psychotherapy (KAP) for couples and individuals
    KAP is a way of approaching difficult questions and conversations, with your partner or within yourself. Along with a trusted prescriber, I use this as a tool to assist clients toward deeper transformation.
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